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A Little About Tru

Hi, I’m Etrusca – fitness instructor and creator of Tru Fun Fit.

I started Tru Fun Fit to inject some fun back into people’s exercise routines. If you’re looking to get in shape or stay active but have found that exercise has become a chore, then give it a go and spice it up with me!

I have years of experience in exercise as an accredited Higher NCEF instructor with a focus on Exercise to Music, and I’m a firm believer in the “Exercise is Medicine'' movement. I believe in the power of endorphins and the magical effects they can have on our minds and bodies. Life already too serious so why not make getting our daily dose of endorphins fun? 

Growing up playing sports that I enjoyed made me realise that this was what I was missing as an adult. It hit me that as soon as you become an adult, exercising changed from being the highlight of your day to the thing that you dreaded all day. I wanted to make exercise fun again – for my own health and sanity if no one else’s. I wanted to create a place for everyone, whether you’re new or returning to fitness, or you train regularly but have lost some of your love for it. Most importantly, I wanted to build a community, a space filled with positive energy so that people would leave feeling great!

When it comes to Tru Fun Fit classes it’s all about effort, enjoyment, and great music.

So whether you come to my Zoombatomic, High Intensity Interval Training or LegsBums&Tums class, expect a fun and sweaty workout, buzzing upbeat tunes, and friendly vibes that make you feel good from the inside out!

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