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Don't Be Moody, Shake Your Booty!

Who said getting fit needs to be a chore? If you're looking to get fit but tired of the old exercise experience, then spice it up with me! Tru Fun Fit is much more than exercise, it’s a community, a time, a space where being FIT meets FUN! I believe exercise should be tough but joyful and my classes are structured that way, to ensure you have a great workout while at the same time have a great time and leave the class PUMPED UP! 

Life is short so don’t take yourself too seriously, enjoy it! 

Take a look at our live class offers and Tru Membership Plans


A Bit About Tru

  • Dance, sweat, have fun. Check out our Tru membership plans!


    45 min

  • Shape it up! Check out our Tru membership plans!


    45 min

  • A High-Intensity Interval Training workout that will fire you up!


    45 min

"Workouts with Tru Fun Fit are extraordinarily effective for two reasons: they are fun, because Etrusca has an energy and a joyful mood that are contagious and for the community spirit that is created among the group. Beyond the fact that this makes workouts really enjoyable, it also makes it super easy for you to follow through, not skip a workout and therefore get super results!"

Francesca Cavallo

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